Popular Medical Marijuana Strains

There are several medical marijuana strains available in the marketplace that you should probably want to test out for yourself to see if you get the same effects as other users. We are going to recommend a few of the most popular marijuana strains and give a brief overview of their qualities and features to enlighten you about which path to take on your journey to experience pain relief from your debilitating condition, whatever it is.

1) Blueberry Haze

Blueberry haze is one of the most popular strains out West in Cali because of it’s mellow mood and pain relieving properties. If you are suffering from chronic pain then this is the strain that you want to try. It can significantly reduce muscle and nerve pain, with a nice numbing effect that lasts for several hours. This strain is very mellow, and it will leave you feeling extremely euphoric and friendly towards others. I like to smoke this strain when I’m around other people because it allows me to loosen up a bit and relax my social tendencies. This allows me to function without having too much anxiety which will usually keep me from taking actions that I would otherwise have taken.

2) Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is our second choice for the best medical marijuana strain. This powerful herb brings an extremely intense experience to the table, and this is not one to play around with kids! This is seriously some strong stuff, and may even be a bit too powerful for most novices so please keep that in mind when you are testing these out in real time. Some people will use these herbs and then have a slight panic attack, so you want to make sure that you get your dosage right or else you may end up in the same boat. Sour Diesel is an extremely tasty strain as well, and you will love the taste of it’s light and fluffy clouds in your air passageways. This is one of those strains that you only smoke on dedicated special occasions, it’s just that powerful!

3) Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is our third marijuana strain that we highly recommend. It is a very light and pleasurable experience that lasted for a long time as well. I would say that this strain is great for killing pain, having some laughs, and relaxing in general. If you want to sit on the couch and watch a few movies and have some fun, then this is the strain that you want to load in your pipe. Some people claim that this particular strain of marijuana is way more powerful than regular strains that they normally use because the effects are magnified and multiplied, lasting much longer than regular home brew weed that you buy off of the streets. This is a hard one to get your hands on, as well. You can probably only get this if someone you know is a grower, or if you live in a legal state like Cali you can buy this right at the medical marijuana dispensaries.

Any of these three strains mentioned above would be good for a beginner to get started vaping marijuana to see how they like the effects. I would recommend trying all three of these strains, that way you can test out a variety of different feelings to see which one you enjoy the most. If you are reliable and dependent, then you should be the one in your group to test these out for yourself and then report back to the rest of the people. This is an extremely important position that you must occupy if you want to find the right circumstances to live in and vaporize your marijuana with ease.

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